The “MOZART VIBRATION” project was initiated by two professional musicians: Eric Gerstmans, alto violinist of the Liège Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (OPRL) and Mohammed Hamra, reggae bass player and movie director. Convinced that there are no boundaries between “classical” music and the so called “popular” music, the two artists rearranged some of the most popular hits of Mozart in a jazz, pop reaggae style, with the intent to reunite two different musical cultures and connect two different musical worlds. Eric Gerstmans and Mohammed Hamra bring together twenty classical musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège, some great european musicians  and some well known Jamaican reggae musicians. The dancers of the group Prizon Break Rockerz joined the project for the first live show at the “Théâtre de Liège” in  Belgium.